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Purchasing Super Foods Vs. Processed Foods

I listen to people complain about the high cost of buying fresh fruits and vegetables. Is it really more expensive to eat healthy? Even if this were true, are you not worth it?

 Here is some good news; an Agriculture Department study released recently  “Found that most fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods cost less than foods high in fat, sugar and salt. This counters a common perception among consumers that it’s cheaper to eat junk food than a nutritionally balanced meal.”

The government states, “It all depends on how you measure the price. If you compare the price per calorie – as some previous researchers have done, than higher calorie pastries and processed snacks might seem like a bargain compared with fruits and vegetables.” However, if you compare the cost of foods by weight or portion size, the comparison will show that grains, vegetables, fruit and dairy products are less expensive than most meats or foods high in saturated fat, added sugars or salt. This means bananas; carrots, lettuce and any kind of beans are all less expensive per portion than French fries, soft drinks, ice cream or ground beef. Andrea Carlson, scientist at the USDA’s Economic Research Service stated, “Using price per calorie doesn’t tell you how much food you’re going to get or how full you are going to feel. For example, eating a chocolate glazed doughnut with 240 calories will probably leave you hungry, but eating a banana with 105 calories will leave you feeling full/er and is better for your health.” Watching your portions is as important what you eat.”

Cheap food that provides few nutrients is more expensive for the consumer from a nutritional perspective, whereas food with a higher retail price provides large amounts of nutrients that are actually cheap when your think about the impact it has on your health and weight. Purchasing cheaper foods, junk foods are part of the reason why so many Americans are obese and now have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. In the past, each generation has lived longer than their parents. Something to think about, If you buy a bag of apples for $2.00, you will get more product and nutrition than a $2.00 bag of potato chips full of fat. When you eat potato chips look at the fat left on your hand, when you eat an apple do you have fat on your hand? Plus potato chips have empty calories, which means excess fat being added to your body. I rest my case.

Another deterrent to buying canned foods, frozen foods and boxed foods is the ingredients that are included to extend their shelf life are things that you and I have probably never heard of and don’t know the full extent of how negatively these things impact our health. Do you ever read the label and see additives that you can’t even pronounce and wonder how those things cause our health to decline and cause health problems? Just eat healthy, so you can stay healthy for yourself, children, family and friends.

I have shared with my readers that healthy foods are medicinal if eaten on a daily basis. Eating healthy helps to maintain overall good health and management of weight. Management of weight is important because being obese has been tied to an increased risk of several types of cancer of the colon, esophagus, kidney, pancreas and breast. If you eat healthy foods you are doing your body a favor and reducing health risks for yourself.

 It has been documented that eating healthy, working out helps to keep disease at bay. “A cancer diagnosis often inspires people to exercise and to eat healthier. Now the experts say there’s strong evidence that both tactics may help prevent the disease from coming back. The cancer society even has a certification program for fitness professionals who work with cancer survivors.”

If you are still undecided, just watch the video. If the video does not convince you to change your eating habits, I would say you don’t love yourself.

In my previous articles, I have shared how super foods are beneficial to your health. Reread them if you need more convincing.

You can go to many websites to find new recipes to use when you change your eating habits. These websites have healthy recipes that list the amount of fat, carbohydrates, protein and fiber. If you monitor what you eat, you will be more apt to make sure you include enough protein and fiber.

Websites with healthy, tasty meals and smoothies:

You can also Google recipes and find some great ideas for healthy meals

Please share your experiences changing to healthier eating: tips, websites and whatever you think will encourage and motivate others to eat healthy. Eating healthy also adds to your longevity.

If you live in Georgia in the following areas: Vinings, Smyrna,  Marietta or Atlanta and need assistance in creating a eating lifestyle change visit my website,

Resources: Associated Press, AJC Atlanta Journal Constitution, Better Health, interviews with people, and of course my opinion and experiences.  






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Jamie Oliver- Processed Food Reality Check

When you finish watching this video, you will see how food manufacturers are knowingly killing us softly to make money for themselves. We have to take charge and control what we put in our mouth. We all deserve a long healthy life. We are also increasing the wealth of pharmaceutical companies. Down with drugs, lets focus and commit to eating healthy!

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Where to Purchase Super Foods, Reasonable Prices, Grow Your Produce

Part IV 

If you shop exclusively at supermarkets, it is time for you to expand the variety of places you shop at. About half of the people I spoke to had a major gripe about the supermarket they shopped at. The major complaints are high cost and the produce is not really fresh. I read a survey conducted by Consumer Reports and they ranked some of the leading grocery store chains with good prices.

“The winners: Wegmans, Trader Joe’s, Publix (I like!), and Fairway. The Losers: Pathmark and Wal-Mart.”

“Wal-Mart Supercenter, Pathmark (Northeast) and Pick ‘n Save (Wisconsin) ranked the worst for customer service. Wal-Mart also earned the next-to worse overall rating, next to Pathmark for service and perishables.” I have been to the deli in Wal-Mart and asked for low sodium/fat cheeses and meats and they do not carry either. I asked the person behind the counter, why not? The response was, “Our clientele are not interested in healthy foods, and they want cheap and bulk.” I disagree with this statement. I shop Wal-Mart sometimes and find fresh fruits and vegetables most of the time at a fairly good price. If the product is not fresh I don’t buy.

The four best supermarkets listed above all received, “High marks for service, cleanliness, although Wegmans was rated as pricey, Whole Foods and Jewel-Osco as the most expensive (i.e. the worse price value) of all the stores surveyed.”

I truly believe the best place to purchase fruits, vegetables, beans, bread, etc. is at a Farmers Market. The food tastes better and they have fresh local produce. No longer do you have to purchase food from another state or across the ocean. At a Farmers Market produce is harvested at the last possible moment and taken directly to the market for sale. Flavors, textures and colors are noticeably brighter than supermarket produce which is kept in the back of the store in a crate for who knows, how long before it is put on the shelf. This process decreases nutritional value.

You will get more for your money and a larger variety of stuff! You get more nutrition for your money. Very often, the sellers are the ones who grew the product; the bakers are the ones who baked the bread, etc. You money goes directly to the baker and stays in the community. Sometimes the people who sell at the market hire people in the neighborhood.  Hopefully, you will eat more fruits and vegetables.  You will also have an opportunity to eat fruits that you might not find in a supermarket. Sometimes they let you taste stuff that is new to you, can’t do this in a supermarket! Make sure you know the days produce is delivered and arrive early, so you can be there to fill your cart. Lets review the benefits: better tasting food, more nutrition/variety for your money, meet the farmers, support local business, eat more fruits and vegetables, and they don’t use chemicals.

If you live in Georgia, the best Farmers Market is the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, which is next to Grady Hospital. It has the best of the best in stock. It also has variety of eateries inside.  The goodness is enclosed in a 50,000 square foot place that has been recently renovated. I love this place, you can select a bunch (es) of any king of greens and request they cut it up and put in a bag. The place I purchased my greens from washed them thoroughly before cutting them up, yes! I purchased enough for four days, don’t like to overstock. There is a place there called Rawsome Juicery and they get the fresh fruits from the market to make smoothies for customers. They have samples on the counter and all of them are awesome tasting and nutritional. If you like fresh smoothies, you have to get there between 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, please check this place out. The next best part is the prices, an all around winner! I noticed that people would buy a smoothie and come back to purchase another. The smoothies are exceptional!

Across town is the DeKalb Farmers Market, check this one out too. It has 140,000 square feet and is being enlarged to 518,000 square feet. Wow! This could be almost all day venture.

Other Local Farmers Markets in Georgia:

1. East Village Farmers Market, Atlanta. www.farmeav.com2.

2. Morningside Farmers Market, Atlanta.

3. Peachtree Road Farmers Market, Atlanta

4. Grant Park Farmers Market, Atlanta. 

Urban Gardening

During these trying economic times what a great way to save and be able to eat healthy. Another way to have fresh super foods at low or no cost is to cooperatively grow vegetables and fruits in your community or your home. Ideas to get you started:

1. If you live in an apartment building, co-op, or condominium and there  is a piece of land available, get permission to grow some super foods to share.

2. If there is vacant property in your community, get some people together,  do some research to find out who owns the property. Ask for permission to use to grow produce, etc. In Atlanta there is a piece of property near the Sweet Auburn Market that sells produce and fruit that is grown on county property that is not currently in use. It is located on the corner of Hillard and Auburn Avenue.

3. My neighbor grows tomatoes, cucumber, squash and lettuce on her deck and shares with her neighbors.

When you become involved in urban gardening there are so many benefits: you make friends with others; you learn from others; you can involve your children and those in your neighborhood; teach children how to grow produce. If you have enough property, you can give children a piece of the land to grow their own to share with others. If there is a school in the area growing produce and fruits are a great way for children to learn to work cooperatively with others and have what they have grown donated to the school lunchroom staff and to take some home to share.

If you really care and are committed to eating healthier, you can now eliminate your excuse(s) for not eating healthy. Now you can be beautiful on the inside, like you are on the outside!

Please share what you are doing to eat healthy, fresh super foods. We all want to eat healthy and not break the bank!

Visit Silent Unity to request a free copy of Conscious Cuisine – Healthy Recipes From Unity Inn. “Let food by thy medicine.” Hippocrates

Resources:;; AJC, Atlanta Journal Constitution, interviews with farmers at various farmers markets and their clientele; my experience.




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Super Foods are Medicinal and Benefit Your Health

Part III

I hope that after you have read parts I and II of Super Foods are Medicinal and Benefit Your Health, and that you have decided to make the change to eating super foods. If you are taking medication for cholesterol and blood pressure, etc., and your body rejects your medication what’s next? Sampling different medications to find something else that works? I strongly suggest that you switch to super foods now. Sometimes, medication is needed to control blood pressure and cholesterol. However, eating super foods might result in a lower dosage, less medication, which is beneficial to you. Bonus – super foods taste better! Prevention is always less costly than the cure.

More benefits of eating super food, positive effect mentally and physically. You will have more energy, no fatigue, better moods and weight loss or maintenance. Super foods promote healthy tissue growth and a strong immune system.

More super foods for you to add to your diet, no more excuses. People ask me what are some super foods that taste good. You are probably eating many of them already and just didn’t know they are super foods. Following is a list of more super foods:

Legumes, walnuts (in moderation), greet tea, pumpkin, soy, oranges, whole grains, oats, turkey, plain Greek yogurt, soy yogurt, soymilk, tofu, papaya,

Quinoa (has all nutrients + protein), apple chips, Goji berries, and acai berries, which will boost your bodies’ ability to fight free radicals, leaving you feeling younger, stronger and healthier.

Green Super Foods:

“Green super foods are extremely rich in chlorophyll, the pigment that gives plants their green color. Its structure is very similar to that of human blood and studies show that when it is consumed, the production of hemoglobin is increased. Higher amounts of hemoglobin means oxygen –rich blood, the first and most important element that cells need to survive.”

Wild blue-green algae, “contains just about every nutrient with a 60% protein content. Protein from a plant is better than protein from meat, no fat! It is one of the best sources of beta-carotene, b vitamins and chlorophyll. It improves brain function, memory, strengthens the immune system.”

Oat Bran

Oat bran is a super, super food that contains huge quantities of fiber which are referred to as “nature’s broom,” and has the ability to sweeping away cholesterol and other toxins from the body. “It can absorb water-soluble cholesterol and prevent it from clogging up colon linings and blood vessels, which could potentially have an impact on major organs like the heart and the kidney.  The cost of a pack of Oat Bran is less than 9 dollars, much less than the cost of a prescription. Nine dollars is a small price to pay for the cost of preventing or slowing down the effects of hypertension and high blood pressure.”

Bad Ass Grasses:

“Barley grass has 11x’s more calcium than cow’s milk, 5 times more iron that spinach, has significant amounts of vitamin B12, which is very important for a vegan diet. Barley grass has anti-viral activities and neutralizes heavy metals such as mercury in the blood.” We all know eating too much fish in a week, week after week can cause mercury accumulation in the body.”

Wheatgrass does not have, ”gluten, or other common allergic agents, is super alkalizing and is excellent for promoting healthy blood. It normalizes the thyroid gland to stimulate metabolism, assists digestion and causes weight loss due to its high enzyme contend and cleansing effect. “

All green leafy vegetables are readily available and highly nutritious. They are easy to spot in the supermarket because they are green. “Most people do not eat enough green vegetables. “Studies confirm that populations that eat a diet high in green leafy vegetables run a far lower risk of heart disease and cancer. These green vegetables act as mini-transfusions for the blood and as a health tonic for the brain and immune system, also a cleanser of the kidneys.”

Stop making excuses and eat greens every day at least 2x’s a day. Here is a homework assignment, do some research and share some greens that are not listed in this article and how they benefit our health.

Together with regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle, eating super foods can have a positive impact of prolonging an individual’s life, weight, appearance and love life.

Make a super green smoothie and post the photo!


Next article, where to find super foods at reasonable prices.

Resources:;;, conversation w/nutritionist, dietician, my experience, interviews w/ healthy eaters







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"How to Choose Greens for a Healthy Green Smoothie"

I like this video because it gives a list of greens to make healthy green smoothies. Sometimes, we want variety in the healthy greens that we should be adding to our daily diets. At least 2/3 servings a day. If you don’t feel like steaming veggies, grilling,  or baking them, this is another option which allows you to get all of the nutrients too!

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Super Foods are Medicinal, Benefit Your Health and Cancer Preventer

Super Foods are Medicinal, Benefit Your Health and Cancer Preventer

Part II

I am prefacing this article with a statement from, because he adds validity to eating healthy to be healthy which benefits us mentally and physically. Super foods can inhabit and impact cell growth that is out of control, especially cancer cells.

 “Dr. Oz and I want you to take the promise of food as medicine seriously. Solid research backs up the fact that nutrient-dense foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, help slow the growth of some cancer and can prevent their onset at the beginning. Plus, eating right is one of the easiest, least expensive ways you can stay healthy. Next time you’re headed to the supermarket, stock up on these four cancer-fighting super foods.”

Collard Greens

“Collards help detoxify the body and work to help starve cancer cells by cutting off the blood supply that tumors need to grow. They are an excellent source of vitamins K, A and C; bonus- fights inflammation, which is often linked to chronic disease. Cruciferous vegetables such as collards, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts help to protect women from ovarian cancer and increase the survival rate.”

To unlock the cancer-fighting power of collards and other crucifers, clean and slice them about 5-10 minutes before cooking. For example, tear the leaves of the collards first, releasing cancer-fighting enzymes. Do not boil the collards, steam or microwave to help retain the compounds that ward off cancer.

White Beans (cannellini, kidney and navy)

“These beans are loaded with even more cancer fighting dietary fiber than red beans, by eating these fiber-rich super foods, and you can reduce the risk of many cancers and other potential killers, including brain aneurysms. These beans are loaded with flavonoid and other phytochemicals that slow cancer cell growth and decrease chronic inflammation. Eating white beans will help the colon eliminate damaged cells that could lead to cancer.”

San Marzano tomatoes

Tomatoes contain lycopene and cancer-fighting vitamin C. “San Marzano tomatoes when cooked release up to 150% of their bioavailable lycopene. This powerhouse antioxidant is credited with helping prevent prostate and cervical cancers. Eating tomato-based products is also helpful in preventing these two cancers. San Marzano tomatoes are available as a canned product that can be used when making pasta or sauces. Or, slice them and serve with fresh basil, olive oil and vinegar. Eat 3x’s a week to receive the full benefits. These tomatoes are grown in the Campania region of southern Italy in nutrient-rich volcanic soil.”


“A recent study found that women who drank at least 4 cups of caffeinated coffee have a 25% lower risk of developing uterine cancer compared to those who drank less than 1 cup a day. Drinking coffee has be shown to reduce the risk of a host of cancers including breast, kidney, liver, colon and prostate. By drinking 1 cup of regular coffee a day, you can reduce the risk of all cancers by 3%.

After many years of research that seemed to indicate coffee increases the risk of heart disease, a huge study finds the opposite; coffee drinkers are a little more likely to live longer. Neal Freeman of the National Cancer Institute, stated, “There may actually be a modest benefit of coffee drinking.”

“Coffee contains a thousand things that can affect health, from helpful anti-oxidants to tiny amounts of substances linked to cancer. The most widely studied ingredient- caffeine did not pay a role. The study doesn’t prove that coffee makes people live longer, only that the two seem related.  This study was based on observing people’s habits and resulting health. Therefore, it does not prove coffee lengthens lives.”

I am not sure what to make of the above studies on a personal level. I don’t drink coffee with caffeine in it because I know that caffeine increases blood pressure for a short period of time. You have to look at your personal situation and discuss with your primary care physician and decide what is best for you situation.

 Following are great tasting anti-cancer recipes:

Share your thoughts and experience regarding the content of this article. Love to read what you have to say.

Next article, part III, more super foods, where to find and how to save money. Until we meet again, do some research based on your health needs because everyone has a different situation and you will have learn what super foods are specific to your situation to stay healthy without a bunch of prescriptions. And without prescription costs you will save money that can go toward the purchase of super foods.

Note - caffeine is also in tea and chocolate


AJC-Atlanta Journal Constitution, National Cancer Institute, Associated Press, interview with naturalist, nutritionist, healthy eaters, my experience, coronary specialist

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Is Coffee Bad for Your Health? Does it have benefits for you health-wise? Watch the video and decide.

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Super Foods are Medicinal and Benefit Your Health

Part 1

Everyone should look at the type of foods they and their family are eating. Look in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer and make a list of what you currently have on hand. Does your food list include mostly processed foods? What are processed foods? They are: canned goods, which contain a lot of sodium; boxed foods - look at the ingredients they will make you gag! Do you read the labels on canned and boxed goods? If you see sugar listed in the first three ingredients, don’t purchase. If you see the chemicals that are put into these foods to extend the shelf life, you will notice that the expiration date is sometimes two or three years from your date of purchase. Who would want to purchase something that has been around for two or three years? This is not a healthy choice and is damaging to your health.

When I was in the supermarket, I noticed that some people had a lot of canned and boxed goods and not many fresh vegetables or fruits in their carts. I initiated a conversation and asked them why, and the response given most frequently was the cost. I shared with them that it would be healthier to buy frozen vegetables and fruits and I persuaded a few customers to compare the ingredients on canned items in their cart, such as: different types of beans, greens, fruits, etc. so they could see which was the healthier choice and a cost comparison. I asked, aren’t you worth a few pennies more to live healthier and not have diseases that are caused and worsened by processed foods? Processed foods also include deli foods. You should look at the labels of deli foods and purchase those that have no preservatives, low sodium and fat. Wal-Mart does not carry any luncheon items that do not have preservatives, low fat and low sodium. When I asked the people behind the counter why, they indicated it is not profitable for the store. This means that you will have to locate places that have deli items with no preservatives, low sodium and low fat. Maybe you will decide to substitute, or eliminate all deli foods for healthier food items. Aldi supermarkets have a line of foods labeled “Fit and Active. Their products have lower fat and sodium. They also offer fresh fruit and vegetables when they are in season, which means lower prices for you. Check it out and save some money!

The following are some of the super foods that you should be including in your diet to live longer, healthier and increase longevity:

Super foods:

Broccoli, (#1 super food)

Tomatoes have lycopene which helps fight free radicals

 Garlic has powerful anti-viral properties; oats are high in soluble and   insoluble fiber; protection from colon cancer. Garlic also has natural anti-oxidant properties. Fresh garlic has the most nutrients.

 Green tea stimulates metabolism

 Yogurt- contains “friendly bacteria which help maintain the intestines and bowel regulation.

Nuts have a high fat content, however they have healthy fats. For example Brazil nuts contain selenium, which helps to prevent certain types of cancer. Just don’t eat more than the recommended amount, which if I remember correctly is about 1 ounce.

Beans are a cholesterol free protein and high in fiber

Bananas have two essential nutrients potassium and magnesium that assist in proper hydration. Bananas are also a great source of fiber.

Spinach is rich in vitamins A and C, folic acid and magnesium.

Berries are a great source for reducing inflammation in the body, be sure to include on your shopping list: blueberries –great antioxidant, strawberries, ‘my mother always said good for the heart that’s why they are shaped like the heart, cherries, blackberries, raspberries. I like to put any kind on berry in my protein shakes with a banana- fiber.

Omega 3-Rich Fish are super foods for memory, heart and joints. Omegas-3s are most prevalent in fatty, cold-water fish. Choose wild salmon, not farmed salmon, herring, mackerel and sardines. The recommendation is two or three servings a week. There are other forms of omega 3s such as fortified eggs, flax seed and walnuts. The omega 3’s are super foods that have the benefit of being high in monounsaturated fats, which can lower cholesterol. The Journal of the American Medical Association “indicated that a diet of protein from oats and barley, almonds, soy fiber and margarine from plant sterols lowered cholesterol as much as statins. If you have a family of breast cancer it is not recommended that you eat extra soy products.”

If you are changing eating habits to be healthier and have a problem with blood pressure or cholesterol or any other health concerns, discuss with your primary care physician before making changes. _____________________________________________________________The The following foods listed are recommended by the American Institute of Cancer Research

In addition to the super foods listed above they recommend:

“Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, rapini, red and green cabbage, kale, romaine/leaf lettuce, mustard greens, collard greens chicory and Swiss chard. All of these vegetables contain folate, and a wide range of carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin,” both good for the eyes.

White vegetables and fruits are good cancer fighting agents such as: apples, pears, cauliflower, white eggplant, cauliflower, etc.

You can go to and see many more super foods that have tremendous health benefits. One of my favorite juices is wheatgrass, which I have been told decreases cholesterol and blood pressure. All types of fruits that end in berry are good for you.

Eating the right foods, exercising and maintaining a good weight for your physique will contribute to you being a healthy person with the ability to have and enjoy a good life.

 Please share some super foods that are not listed in this article that are beneficial. How about sharing super food recipes? Where do you shop to find supers foods at a price that will not burn a hole in your wallet?

 Next topic, I will be researching places to shop for super foods and super foods not usually listed.


Healthy eating and exercising leads to a healthier, slimmer, happier you!


Resources:;; AJC, Atlanta Journal Constitution;American Institute of Cancer Research; conversations/interviews; my experience





Dr Pressman shares the best foods you can eat to heal inflammation in your body and restoration of a normal appetite. I wish healthy eating to everyone.

How to Fix Health Care Without Spending a Dime, part 1 of 2. Visit youtube to view part 2.

Everyone can have health care at a cheaper rate if we have one insurer and close down health care insurance providers. Customize policies to fit the consumers’ needs. Why should a single male have a clause in his policy for pregnancy, is he going to have a baby? It is all about economics, making money off of us.

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